Ginger Zing

Web design and logo fix project

Project: Design a brand new website, fix logo

About: Ginger Zing has a revolutionary new concept that brings Asian food to a whole new level. We pledge to offer you the freshest ingredients and every order will be cooked to order. We offer a variety of electrifying dishes ranging from Mandarin Orange Chicken to our award-winning Pad Thai. No matter what the occasion is, Ginger Zing thrives to meet or exceed your expectations.

When your computer breaks, it’s a no-brainer that you call up your local computer technician. But what about preventing your computer from breaking down in the first place? Many people never think of taking their computer in when its running smoothly. But regular maintenance on a computer not only will catch things going on in the background, but it will also substantially prolong the life of your computer! Think of your car. Sure you bring your car into the shop when it breaks down, but it’s the regular tune-ups and oil changes that really keep the car running smoothly. Computers are machines and performing regular maintenance keep the computers out of the shops for extensive (and expensive) damage.

Here are 5 reasons why you should do regular maintenance on your computer!

1) Early Detection & Intervention – It’s simple. The more often you get your computer serviced, the quicker you will learn of any pc issues and be able to address them. If a fan isn’t acting right, your hard drive is going out, memory is filling up, etc, it can all be detected by a regular PC check-up. Allowing you to fix the issue before it becomes a problem!

2) Viruses – Most of our calls regarding viruses happen after the damage is done. Perhaps, it’s running at a snail’s pace, pop-ups taking over, internet connection is in and out. What people don’t understand is that they could have had that virus for weeks or even months before the problem presented itself. Or it could be that the computer initially only had a couple viruses, but then time passes and before you know it your computer starts failing and you now have hundreds. If you perform regular maintenance on your computer, you can catch the viruses almost immediately and prevent the issues all along. It also ensures all virus protection software is up-to-date and running smoothly.

3) Data Loss – It happens, you’re working on something important and your computer acts up, freezes and you are forced to reboot or it shuts down on its own. Sometimes what you just spent time and work on is gone for good. You can easily prevent these computer hiccups with regular maintenance.

4) Slow Computer Speeds – Its inevitable, no matter how you are using your computer, over time it will eventually begin to slow down and not run as efficiently. This could be due to viruses, out of date software, accumulated junk files or your CPU is overworked, etc. All can be caught and taken care of with regular computer maintenance.

5) Extend its Lifespan – It’s a fact that performing regular computer maintenance extensively prolongs the life of the computer. A well-maintained computer will last longer and run smoother than a computer that has to be repaired again and again.

At TEK Lab, LLC we strongly encourage our customers to perform routine computer maintenance, especially when that computer is used for work and school. Our small business clients are serviced at least once a month to ensure their machines are running as efficiently and smoothly as possible! Contact us today to learn more about our affordable prices and any promotions currently